Where can I find a Culpeper Dentist?

If you’re looking for a Culpeper dentist who is recognized as one of the best around, visit us at All Smiles Dental Care. Dr. Parr has been voted by other dentists as a Top Dentist in Virginia every year since 2010, and Best in Culpeper as well as Best of the Best in Culpeper by the people of Culpeper each year since 2013. Dr. Parr and his team utilize the most advanced technology and methods to prevent, diagnose and treat gum disease. Our goal is to halt the onset and progress of periodontal disease and keep your smile healthy and beautiful.

Culpeper Dentist

Gum disease is a widespread oral health problem, affecting more than half of all people across the United States. The good news is that it can be prevented with a rigorous oral hygiene regimen and periodic teeth cleanings. Brushing, flossing and limiting your intake of sugar help protect your teeth and gums against the detrimental effects of plaque, the sticky film harboring harmful bacteria that continuously gathers in your mouth. When plaque gathers below the gum line it can infect and inflame the soft tissues and bone structure supporting the teeth, causing gingivitis. With biannual examinations, your Culpeper dentist can detect the first signs of gum disease and provide effective treatment before it progresses, such as with a deep periodontal cleaning to remove plaque from underneath the gums. This is often done in conjunction with root planing, a procedure which smooths the root surfaces of your teeth to protect further plaque buildup. Our team of professionals may recommend more frequent professional teeth cleanings and can offer guidance on better techniques for your at-home oral hygiene routine.

At All Smiles, we focus on a preventive approach to keeping your teeth and gums healthy from the start. Your Culpeper dentist can help prevent the onset of periodontal disease with a combination of treatments, instruction and close monitoring of your gums throughout the year. To learn more about the services we offer, to schedule an appointment at our office, call today.

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